Group 19

Reuniting responsibly.

Helping facilitate people to reunite with others in a safe, secure way, together.

Group 21

Working for everyone


Individual Plans

UnityLink Individual Premium Plan


(No contract, cancel at any time)

  • Show/share your immunity records to others up to 100 times per month.
  • Scan/verify the immunity records of others up to 20 times per month.
  • Maintain the immunity records of your children under 17 years old.
  • Keep up to 10 different virus certificates in the App.
  • Keep secure digital versions of your family members ID’s in the App.

Incredibly secure

When you add immunity records to UnityLink, the app will automatically create a unique QR code with your record and store it in a protected and immutable Blockchain database. Blockchain is the most secure way to store data today.

  • Using Blockchain ensures the privacy and the confidentiality of your personal records.
  • A total voluntary, private exchange of records shared in a safe way with others.

User testimonials

Who we are

UnityLink was conceived by Alberto Gonzalez, the Chief Operating Officer of award-winning wholesale food distributor Ace Natural, to facilitate the socialization and interaction of people during the pandemic in the safest and most responsible way possible by sharing immunity records about covid-19 and any other viruses.

The app aims to remove the guesswork when it comes to choosing who is safe to visit and interact with through a simple, easy-to-use platform, secured using blockchain technology to ensure privacy. Using UnityLink will allow people to make informed decisions about the people they choose to spend time with, by assessing the risks associated with getting together.Read More