Safer, together.

UnityLink is an app designed to facilitate safely reuniting with other people during the COVID-19 pandemic and to help prepare for any other virus.

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What is UnityLink?

UnityLink is an app that individuals, businesses owners, employers, doctors and almost all kind of organizations can use to speed up recovery in a safe way for people, local communities and our entire economy.

  • Incredibly easy interface to use, scan, send and store your immunity records from any virus (including COVID-19) in a secure and efficient way.
  • We use blockchain method to store your records, the most secure way to store data and it is the technology used by most cryptocurrencies.
  • The UnityLink app is a grassroots project which provides all of us with the ability to take action in getting back to our normal lives.
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Who is it for?

UnityLink is an accelerator to get back to the life we love, with each one of us having the opportunity to be part of this important solution.


You and Your Family

UnityLink drives people to feel safe again with friends and family when in a close environment. Simply download the app and upload your immunity records. This will generate a unique QR code you can share with others as proof of your immunity.



Restaurants, movie theaters or hair salons can place patrons strategically according to their immunity. Stadiums could begin to welcome fans back and airlines could accept many more passengers when they know for a fact that they are immune to viruses like COVID-19.


Health Care Provider

Health Care providers and pharmacies can upload test
results to users through a secure and convenient web portal, without the need of a physical interaction. Certificates will flow swiftly to the user’s app and the architecture of information is HIPAA compliant.